Hear the Morris Code at NJ BC Chamber’s Employment Practices April 18

Candidates, Customers, Employees - Make the best impression with your hiring practices.
For most businesses the cost, from payroll, to benefits, to training and development, of their employees (their Human Capital) is the largest expense.  What are you doing to maximize the return on this investment?
Branding your image to your customers, employees and potential employees is the first step in communicating your business values.
What does your story say about you – to maximize employee attraction, engagement and retention?
How are you using your volunteer programs, community outreach, and sustainability initiatives to enhance your engagement and recruitment messages?
What does your job board or career site say about your business?
How do you treat candidates and new hires – all possible customers?

Burlington County Chamber of Commerce Offices
April 18, 2013                                                  8:00 am