7 ways to do more with your current HRIS technology

1.  Use what you paid for
Bring in the vendor or a 3rd party to evaluate what you don’t use and then implement it or change to not pay for what you can’t use.

2.  Embrace Manager Self Service and Employee Self Service
Reduce the cost of data entry while getting better data entered by someone closer to the source of knowledge about that data AND empower employees and managers to make the data right.

3.  Open skills, certification, license, education and employee preferences areas to get more data and encourage employee development right at the employee level.

4.  Write reports and use them
Start small – give managers basic employee data, ask them for feedback on data validity and value.  Take the time to meet with management at multiple levels to ask what information they want to grow analytics.

5.  Challenge your vendor to do more
Ask them for a report on the real service level they are providing based on issues or tickets that you have reported to them.  Ask them to be proactive to tell you things about your system configuration/set up or data that may cause future issues.

6.  Shop for other options and your vendor know about it
It takes effort and time but what you will learn and the leverage you can bring to bear is worth it.

7.  Join the user community and attend the conference
Learn how to drive the software, establish relationships with support and development teams and influence future design.

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