Unlocking the Morris Code for Communications and Networking Success

OK so it is not the Da Vinci code and I am not Tom Hanks, however, getting to really meet the most people in the shortest amount of time is a major key to solving the networking puzzle. 
The scene:
At a recent meeting of a senior management organization, we unveiled the Morris Code.
The rules:
Assign seats so that no one sits at a table with the same person twice.
Answer 4 or 5 questions about yourself, your business and your hobbies/life. (3 minutes per person)
Discuss a unique business or political topic (never discuss the same topic more than once) with the other table participants and come to a consensus/opinion as a group. (1-2 minutes person to encourage all to speak)
Select a scribe/presenter to regale the room with your consensus/opinions. (2-3 minutes to present)
The results:
With 4-5 people per table, in 60-75 minutes, each person meets, interacts and learns about the business and personal life, the conversation and group participation style and the public speaking capabilities of 12-15 guests. 
Careful planning, doing the math on table assignment and the question generation, creates the foundation for a successful meeting.  A critical factor is the size of the crowd and that the scheduled attendees show up - otherwise you have to adapt quickly to reconfigure the tables.
The feedback:
The Morris code received high marks from many participants.  The overall response was that they got to truly meet people and secure a list of follow up networking connections with real promise.
The rest of the puzzle:
Success only comes to those who follow up with one on one networking to cement a relationship and to delve deeper into how we can truly be more successful together.
For more information on this networking idea and how to implement it on your project team or for your networking group, or on HR Technology and Sustainability, please contact Morris@hrcomputes.com.