HRComputes -Registered Sustainable Business

Kris Kohl ,Principal,  presented at the Creating Sustainable Businesses in NJ meeting at the Department of Environmental Protection Headquarters on March 3, 2015. We were invited to share our experiences as one of the first registered sustainable business on the NJ Sustainability Business Registry. Businesses throughout the state can access the site for resources to promote sustainability planning and practices within their organizations. The registry provides an opportunity for small business owners to differentiate themselves as organizations that promote sustainable practices. Small businesses with less than 500 employees can register their businesses on the site through selecting 5 areas to share their sustainability practices and progress. There is a review process and at least one of the areas must be supported by a metric and financial impact. So far, registered members have realized over $500,000 in savings through adoption of sustainable practices. It is possible to make green while going green. Here is a link to our listing