HRComputes joins Wharton for “Careers in Social Impact and Sustainability”

We had the opportunity to spend the evening discussing careers in sustainability with students at a networking event hosted by Wharton IGEL From this experience, I can say that Wharton students care about the environment, social impact, and how businesses’ are addressing these issues. Our firm was in good company with the likes of Dow, DuPont, Campbell’s, and J&J to name a few. The event card appears below.

We were all there to help students in their quest for careers related to sustainability. I spoke to a wide variety of students from across the globe. They were bright, dedicated, and interested in how they could impact the world in a positive way.
A topic that was frequently mentioned was the importance of truly integrating sustainability into operations. Businesses that merely comply with regulation were thought not to be truly sustainable. The students that I spoke with were very excited about the practice of engaging HR in the sustainability process to facilitate a cross functional approach of embedding sustainability into their core operation.

As your firm begins its college recruiting sessions, you will need to be prepared to answer questions about sustainability goals and programs. Here are a few questions that you may which to consider: Has HR been made a part of the sustainability process? Are your recruiters equipped to discuss your firm’s sustainability track record? Are you addressing these issues in your recruitment materials? Is sustainability part of your culture and mission? Are you using sustainability to engage employees?

The Wharton students that I met are giving preference to firms that have embraced sustainable strategy as part of their core mission. Are you well positioned to attract the best and brightest? If not, feel free to reach out to us.