Drawing a Roadmap for HR technology is like planning a trip. Is it a weekend, summer abroad or bucket list?

Just like the family vacation, understanding where you are, where you want to go and the sights and stops along the way helps to keep everyone informed, engaged, involved and hopefully not car sick!

A technology road map needs to include an understanding of where the business intends to go (the Strategic Business Plan), how HR with help it get there (HR Goals and Objectives), the resources available to use on the journey (workforce plan, resource definition and technical plan), the milestones along the way and the interrelationships between the players.
The goal of the Road Map is threefold:
  Communicate the vision and strategy to senior management,
  Secure buy in and funding,
  Be able to adapt quickly as change happens.

We’re communicating so loudly that no one can hear us!

Between the project plan, the milestone chart, the communication newsletter, the executive updates, the HR leadership team meetings, etc. one might assume that management would know where the project stands.  Never assume! 

Different people hear different media, different messages.  In our experience you cannot over communicate…but you can overload.

What do they want to hear?  What do they need to hear?  What do you need to tell them?

The key to communication is to tell the audience and then ask the audience.  If all levels and participants are not on the same page, then no matter what the project communication says, management does not know what to believe.  The results can undermine project champion confidence.  Perception is reality.

Poll your people.  Manage focus groups.  Listen, ask, and then listen again. 

Keep your friends close and management closer!

Google X with money to burn, "Looney Tunes" or just good sense?

Google X has a project underway to create a global network of thousands of Wi-Fi connected balloons to provide affordable Internet access for everyone.  They call it Project Loon

They've created an altitude control system, balloons that circle the earth every 22 days and implemented GPS, communications and on board computers to guide the balloons.  

Maybe the most eye-popping statistic or claim is that for every 10% increase in the country's Internet coverage their gross domestic product increases by 1.4%. This type of change in GDP is associated with higher standards of living higher education levels in better health. 

Maybe it's not so much hot air!  Check it out - http://www.google.com/loon