Management and common sense – not an oxymoron!

 Whenever I read an article or expert opinion on how to be a better boss I often think it strikes me as common sense and that’s not a bad thing. 

In a new article in the Wall Street Journal on October 30 they detailed the biggest mistakes bosses make when making decisions.

Her's the gist of the article in three lines:
  1. Don’t tell people something that isn’t true.
  2. Understand when to push and went to let things flow.
  3. Treat decisions as something completed yet not as a substitute for action.

The article lays out 4 tenets starting with not just pretending to allow employees to have influence. The bottom line is to respect people’s time and include them in the loop when they really can be part of the decision.

The next recommendation is to know when to slow down. The point here is that some decisions require careful thought especially risky, important or complicated ones.

The third and fourth. encourage the boss to make a decision and then stick to it. Balance confidence and doubt however, do not undermine your team by questioning the decision you all made before the project even gets started. And do not use a decision as a substitute fraction. Again, obviously once a decision is made the work has only just begun.  Follow through on any decision and, of course, to get any work done people must be assigned tract and rewarded to make sure that that the decision is turned into effective action.

And let us know if we can help you get things done!